To use the ESKIPASS e-shop it is necessary to come at least once to SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa and to buy a ski pass together with a chip card (2 EUR deposit). Every customer who retains a smart card will be able to buy online ski passes from home comfort at even better rates. Chip cards are not sent by post. Thank you for understanding.

To buy a skipass, click on the Buy eskipass tab.

1. Výber skipasu (Choosing a skipass)

Základný skipas(Basic skipass)choose your ski pass – what kind of ski passes are you interested in.

Ski passes can only be taken on the particular day they were purchased for, so it is necessary to enter the correct date of arrival at the resort, otherwise the ski pass can not be used – it will be automatically uploaded to the day you have chosen! When buying SEASON SKIPAS and 10 DAYS OF SEASON, choose the date of validity today, the day you are making the purchase!

Zistiť cenu(Find price)You will see the price of your chosen ski pass. If your tariff is correct, enter the WTP number you find on the front of the card.

If you do not see a spreadsheet for entering a WTP number and you are using Safari, you need to enable cookies and reload the page again!

Overiť WTP číslo a vložiť do košíka(Verify the WTP number and insert it into the basket)add the skipass to the basket. (this will also verify that you have entered the correct WTP card number).

Pridať skipas(Add skipasses) If you have more than one chip card and you want to buy more skipasses at a time, press to add another item to the cart according to the previous procedure.

Košík(Basket)Go to Basket Step 2.


Please check carefully the contents of the shopping cart, especially the date of arrival at the center and the type of person. If a staff member decides that the client is driving an unlawfully deducted ski pass, he / she will be blocked without the refund of money!

Fill in your contact information (they will then send you all the information and confirmation of your order and payment status) and choose your payment method.

Potvrdenie objednávky(Order Confirmation)Go to payment

3. Objednávka(Order)

Odoslať objednávku(Send order)confirm the order

Zaplatiť(Pay)You will be redirected to the GoPay payment gateway where you make a payment to complete the purchase.

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